Acid News 2013

Content: Small chimneys – big emissions, Running out of time – the LCPD bites at last, Progress too slow in transport sector, Revising EU air pollution policy, Nitrogen overload still harms ecosystems, Scope for reducing ammonia emissions, Tailwind for wind

Content: Finding the ambition level for NEC, significant cuts in carbon within reach in the Nordic-Baltic region, call for international nitrogen framework, stricter US standards for road vehicles proposed, shipping should cut GHGs and air pollutants, stricter rules for machinery on the way, CCS sidelined by tenuous financing

Content: Warming can be limited to 1.5°C,  Shale gas has lost lustre, Agreement on equity issues essential, Shipping air pollution costs €60 billion per year, US: air pollution causes 210,000 deaths a year, High potential to cut air pollution from LCPs, More food less climate change

Content: Proposal not enough to meet ship CO2 target, Global roadmap for less-polluting vehicles, Livestock behind 7.1 gigatonne GHGs, Global warming unequivocal, Anti-coal movement in Europe is growing and Energy, climate and air quality policy synergies