Acid News 2014

Content: A new EU clean air strategy up to 2030, Banking on coal, Ships should use advanced monitoring, CCS in Norway, Oceans acidify at unprecedented rate, Stricter standards for non-EU power plants, EU climate and energy targets for 2030

Content: 150 ways to cut GHG emissions, IMO weakens NOx rules for ships, A changing climate creates pervasive risks, Hidden costs make coal expensive, Diet shifts could reduce nitrogen pollution, SCR can cut ship NOx emissions and Europe’s biggest polluters

Content: Air pollution still harms ecosystems, The fair share of climate responsability, Proposal for coal phase-out in Germany, UK brought to court on bad air qualty, Sustainable food choices, New figures on global ship emissions, Carbon dioxide concentration surges

Content: NRMM proposal low in ambition late in timing, Wind energy – so much potential, Many loopholes in testing system, IPCC : delaying action implies higher costs, Biogas from manure, Air quality targets much cheaper than expected, Leave fossil gas in the ground