Acid News 2015

Content: Industrial air pollution cost €189 billion/year, Norwegian CCS ambitions might move to the EU, Enforcement of ship sulphur standards, Launch of Energy Union – mixed messages, East German lignite at a crossroads, Achieving NEC targets will cost less

Content: Cities’ air quality efforts ranked, France: 100% renewables as cheap as 50% nuclear, Danish farming futures, Ship scrubbers questioned, New draft EU coal limits weaker than in China, Sweden without gas

Content: Environment MEPs want stricter air pollutant caps, Exposing the role of coal in Europe - launch of European Coal Map, Pledges for the 2015 UN climate agreement, 140 000 life-years lost each year in London, Film: 1,5 stay alive

Content: The costs of melting Permafrost, Tipping points - no safe limit, Diesel cars will continue to exceed emission limits, Cut agricultural ammonia emissions, Legally binding phase-out law for coal.