Christer Ågren

Air and the Environment

This book is about a few hundredths of a percent of the air we breathe – for that is the total extent of what we call air pollution. Even so, the effects on people and nature are very tangible: the climate is changing, rare species of animals and plants are under threat, lakes are becoming acidified, buildings are eroding, and so on.
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Warming is happening now

There is wide agreement among climate researchers – and now also among policy makers – that man-made emissions of greenhouse gases are affecting the Earth's radiation balance. It will get warmer and more and more knowledge is being acquired on how big the effect will be and where it will be greatest.
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Cost-benefit analysis of using 0.5% marine heavy fuel oil in European sea areas

A lowering of the sulphur content of marine heavy fuel oil to 0.5 per cent would reduce SO2 emissions from international shipping around Europe by more than three quarters by 2010. The benefits of such a measure clearly outweigh the costs, according to this study.
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APC 13

Getting more for less

A study showing that the estimated annual costs for achieving the interim environmental quality targets of the proposed national emission ceilings (NECs) directive can be reduced by nearly two thirds. This result is obtained by using an low-CO2 energy scenario as the basis for the cost estimation.
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