100% renewable electricity supply is possible by 2030

The Earth’s climate emergency requires the achievement of a zero-emissions economy much sooner than the generally discussed target year of 2050, according to leading researchers on wholesale energy transitions, some of whom have been researching for almost two decades how we can realise a complex and secure energy supply with 100% renewable energy (RE). The researchers say that the target year for ending CO2 and other climate-warming and air pollutant emissions should be 2030 for the electric power sector and soon thereafter, but ideally no later than 2035, for other sectors. The core solution to meeting this timeline is to electrify or provide direct heat for all energy needs and provide this electricity and heat globally from 100% RE.

The researchers have summarised their findings in a 10-point declaration. Their main message is: The transformation to 100% renewables is possible and will arrive much faster than generally expected. A 100% renewable electricity supply is possible by 2030, and with substantial political will around the world, 100% renewable energy is also technically and economically feasible across all other sectors by 2035. A 100% RE system will be more cost-effective than will a future system based primarily on fossil and nuclear power. The transformation to 100% renewables will boost the global economy, create millions more jobs than are lost, and substantially reduce health problems and mortality due to pollution.


Compiled by Reinhold Pape




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