More wind farms needed in southern Germany. Photo: © Klaus Wagenhaeuser/

100% renewable energy system in Germany 2030

An economically viable 100% renewable energy system for all energy sectors in Germany is possible by 2030 according to a new study by Energy Watch Group and Department of Physics, Technical University Munich. To be able to fulfil the Paris Climate Agreement, Germany must set an end to all greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. At the core of this task is the switch to 100% renewables across all sectors on the same time horizon. It is shown that the necessary transition of the energy sector is possible at low cost with a steady expansion. One of the key measures would be to build more wind power in southern Germany. Otherwise, the cost of transmission from the northern parts will be too high.

Source:  Traber et al.  An Economically Viable 100% Renewable Energy System for All Energy Sectors of Germany in 2030. Energies 2021, 14, 5230.

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