Ban on high-sulphur diesel

China has announced that from 1 November 2017 it would stop domestic sales of diesel with sulphur content higher than 10 parts per millions (ppm), typically used by tractors and ships, in its latest effort to clean up the nation’s air. The decision follows a move earlier this year to stop sales of diesel with more than 50 ppm of sulphur and a 10 ppm sulphur cap on diesel used by automobiles.

Enforcing the ban on diesel used by fishing boats is likely to be challenging, with most of these small consumers using marine gasoil containing 5000 ppm sulphur. China’s National Development & Reform Commission said in a statement that it would crack down on the production and distribution of oil products that do not meet government standards, and increase its supervision of major refiners and rural gas stations.


Source: Reuters, 31 October 2017.


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