Tokyo, one of the cities that have signed the declaration. Photo: / Grape Juice Girl CC BY-NC-ND

Cities for clean air

On 11 October, 35 mayors pledged to deliver clean air for over 140 million people who live in their cities. By signing the C40 Clean Air Cities Declaration, the mayors recognise that breathing clean air is a human right and commit to work together to form an unparalleled global coalition for clean air.

Signatories of the declaration pledge to: Set ambitious pollution reduction targets within two years that meet or exceed national commitments, putting them on a path towards meeting World Health Organization guidelines; Implement substantive clean air policies by 2025 that address the unique causes of pollution in their cities; and Publicly report progress on achieving these goals.

Cities signing the declaration include Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Delhi, Los Angeles, Lima, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Oslo, Paris, Rotterdam, Seoul, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Warsaw and Washington D.C.

Source: Press release from C40 Cities, 11 October 2019. Link:



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