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Comparing vehicle emission standards

A report named “Comparative study on the differences between the EU and US legislation on emissions in the automotive sector” was published by the European Parliament in November. It provides an overview of technologies used in vehicles to comply with emission legislation and of differences between the US and EU with regards to emission standards for air pollutants and greenhouse gases; type-approval structures; conformity of production; in-service performance verification; implementation and enforcement of legislation and its impact; and legislation on defeat devices.

The report recommends that:

  • The flexibility for manufacturers to choose their regulator is removed;
  • Oversight of implementation of environmental standards is placed in the hands of organisations with a clear environmental mission;
  • Transparency on the use of emission control devices is improved, with manufacturers required to provide full information on them to regulators, and seek prior approval of the use of any defeat devices under specific derogations;
  • Greater clarity is provided on the duties of regulators both to monitor in-service performance, and to identify and pursue cases of non-compliance;
  • Improved EU-level monitoring of the performance of type approval authorities (TAAs) is introduced, with the option of suspending a TAA’s right to issue type-approvals in the event of persistent weaknesses in performance.

The report:


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