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Consultation on Sustainable Food Systems

The European Commission has opened a consultation on a legislative framework for a Sustainable Food System, which was originally announced in the Farm to Fork Strategy. They plan to present a full proposal by the end of 2023.

The aim of the Commission with this initiative, as explained on their website, “is to make the EU food system sustainable and to integrate sustainability into all food-related policies” and to “lay down general principles and objectives, together with the requirements and responsibilities of all actors in the EU food system”.

More specifically the Commission has identified three areas where the new directive will set up rules: sustainability labelling of food products; minimum criteria for sustainable public procurement of food; and governance and monitoring.

It is believed that this piece of legislation has the potential to be a game-changer in EU policymaking, framing any subsequent policy reforms in the areas of agriculture and food in the logic of a more systemic transition to sustainable food systems.

The consultation is open until 21 July 2022:


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