The future of 20,000 Danish stoves. Photo: / Peter Durand cc By-NC-ND

Denmark scraps old wood stoves

Starting in February, Danes who scrap old (pre-1995) and polluting wood stoves can get a scrap premium of just over DKK 2000. Today, there are some 700,000 domestic stoves and fireplaces in Denmark. Of these, approximately 200,000 date from before 1995.

The funds allocated are enough to scrap just under 20,000 stoves. Based on the experience from a previous scrappage scheme in 2015–2016, the Danish EPA expects that 10 per cent of these will disappear. The rest are expected to be replaced by new, cleaner and more efficient stoves. The scheme expires when the funds are exhausted, but no later than the end of 2020.

The scheme will be accompanied by a communication effort to promote faster replacement of old domestic wood-burning installations. Particle pollution from domestic wood-burning causes about 400 premature deaths a year in Denmark.

Source: Danish EPA press release, 5 February 2019 (in Danish). Link:


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