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Diesel cars cause high health costs

Recent research by scientists at the University of Oxford and University of Bath suggests that the health damage effects associated with diesel vehicle emissions are around 20 times greater than electric vehicles and at least five times greater than those associated with petrol vehicles.

The study generated location-specific per-vehicle costs calculated for cars and vans over an estimated 14–19-year lifespan. For inner city areas such as inner London, the research suggested that the average cost to the NHS and society of a car is UK£7,714 over its lifetime, while the health damage cost from diesel cars is UK£16,424 and vans 24,555.

Battery electric cars and vans are between UK£827 and 1,443 – the lowest cost, while researchers suggested that petrol damage costs are UK£2,327 and 10,101 for cars and vans, respectively.

Source: AirQualityNews, 6 June 2018
The report “The health costs of air pollution from cars and vans”:



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