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Eco-label for stoves

Residential burning of wood, coal and gas for home heating is a major source of air pollution, such as health-damaging PM. The EU Eco-design directive addresses air pollution from new household boilers and stoves by setting common standards to cut dangerous emissions. However, Germany has recently obtained the green light from the European Commission to keep enforcing their pre-existing, more ambitious national emission limits.

As neither the Eco-design directive nor the German emission standards reflect “best available techniques” to cut pollution, Environmental Action Germany is now pushing for a new eco-label, based on the German Blue Angel.

To get the Blue Angel certification, a stove must go through a more realistic test procedure, including measurement of the number of particles emitted. The label sets very ambitious emission limit values that will make precipitators or filters mandatory. Furthermore, it includes effective technical provisions to reduce operating errors, such as an automatic combustion air control.

Environmental Action Germany say they expect the first eco-labelled appliances to be sold in 2020, and that they want the eco-label to serve as a minimum standard for stoves that are operated in residential areas. It should also serve as a blueprint for the revision of the EU’s Eco-design standards.

Source: EEB META, 11 June 2020. Link: https://meta.eeb.org/2020/06/11/clearing-the-air-around-domestic-heating/

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