EU court rules against Italy

On 10 November, the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that Italy has failed to tackle illegally high levels of air pollution, by systematically and repeatedly breaching daily and annual limit values for particulate matter (PM10) across several regions, including Rome, Palermo, Milan, Turin, Vicenza and the Lombardy region.

The persistent breach of limit values is enough in itself to demonstrate that Italy “has not implemented appropriate and effective measures” that would keep the period of excessive pollution as “short as possible”, the court stated. Should Italy fail to comply with the ruling, the Commission has the power to bring the case back to the court and seek financial penalties.

Source: Ends Europe Daily, 10 November 2020. Link to the ECJ ruling:

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The clock is ticking to achieve the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement. To be clear right from the start: this goal deserves every effort that mankind can pull off. In the name of realism, this is the goal we must focus on now, given the current level of progress in reducing greenhouse gases. However, damage to marine ecosystems will not be avoided even if we reach this goal1. In fact, damage already occurs at current levels of warming, as evidenced by the bleaching of coral reefs2. This may be an inconvenient truth when our current goal is 1.5°C.

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