Forests of Russia and Climate Change

A recently published analytical report provides information on the forests and forestry complex of Russia, the impact of climate change on them, and possible measures to combat these changes and enable adaptation.

The report, published in 2021, is intended for environmental activists involved in solving the problems of global climate change, preserving forests and specially protected natural areas, sustainable forest management, reforestation and afforestation. It should hopefully also be interesting and useful for teachers, journalists, and the general public. The authors hope that the information in the report will become familiar to decision-makers, as well as heads of Russian companies, both in the forestry complex and in the oil, gas, mining and other industries that have already begun to actively respond to the global turn towards “The Green Deal”.

This report is part of the information kit produced to raise awareness of possible ways to tackle the climate crisis prepared by the Russian Social Ecological Union and Friends of the Baltic in cooperation with the non-governmental organisations AirClim (Sweden), Naturvernforbundet (Norway), EcoEnergy (Finland), Green Planet (Russia) and through the exchange of experiences between other public environmental organisations in north-west Russia and the Nordic countries.

The information kit includes the brochures: “Municipal climate plans. Success stories and recommendations”, “Energy efficiency is the main step towards sustainable climate”, “Renewables in the Nordic countries and in Russia”, “Carbon-free transport” and “Climate and waste – closed-loop economy for zero emissions”. The kit also includes the analytical report “Forests in Russia and climate change” and collections of annotated publications on climate plans for regions, countries and municipalities, energy efficiency actions, renewable energy development, and decarbonised transport.

Reinhold Pape

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