Efficiency improvements are offset by increase in production. Photo: Flickr.com / Myke Lyons CC BY-NC

GHG and ammonia emissions from Irish farms on the rise

According to the national Irish farm survey, based on data from 2017, emissions of greenhouse gases and ammonia continue to increase over time. Despite improvements in efficiency, that means less carbon and ammonia emissions per unit of product. This is however offset by growth in production.

Agriculture is the largest contributor to Irish greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 33 per cent of the national emissions total in 2017. Ammonia emissions from agriculture come mainly from animal waste and the spreading of synthetic fertilisers, and account for close to 99 per cent of Ireland’s total emissions.

Green news Ireland, 26 March 2019 https://greennews.ie/ghg-and-ammonia-emissions-rise-as-farms-expand-says...



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