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Haarlem bans meat ads

The Dutch city of Haarlem has decided to ban adverts for meat in public spaces by 2024. This follows the addition of meat to a list of products that are considered to have a large negative impact on the environment. “We can’t tell people there’s a climate crisis and encourage them to buy products that are part of the cause,” Haarlem GroenLinks councillor Ziggy Klazes, who tabled the motion, told the Trouw newspaper. The city, with a population of 160,000, thus becomes the first in the world to introduce this type of ban. This is happening at the same time as the country’s meat sector has started an advertising campaign “Nederland Vleesland” to encourage people to eat more meat. The municipal government has not yet decided whether sustainably produced meat will be included in the ad ban.

Source:, 5 September 2022


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