We promise you an unforgettable holiday with beautiful horizons and PM levels few have experienced since the Great Smog. Photo: Flickr.com / Carlo Mirante CC BY

High air pollution levels found on cruise ship’s deck

Undercover measurements of harmful ultra-fine particles (PM) on the sun deck of a European cruise ship revealed concentrations up to 200 times higher than natural background levels and 20 times worse than in the busy city centres with heavy traffic, according to the German environmental group Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU).

The measurements were made for the French documentary television series Thalassa. Previously, NABU had made a series of air pollution measurements in several port cities and next to cruise ship terminals in Venice, Hamburg, Marseille and Barcelona.
NABU’s transport policy officer, Daniel Rieger, warned that the results are most likely indicative of the poor air quality on nearly all cruise ships. But it wouldn’t be difficult for cruise ships to reduce emissions – improvements could be made by switching to cleaner fuel, ideally road diesel or liquid natural gas, and by installing particle filters and nitrogen catalysts, he said.

Source: NABU press release, 24 January 2017: https://en.nabu.de/news/2017/21870.html
The Telegraph, 1 February 2017: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/air-pollution-levels-200-...



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