Little progress on climate policies

The rapid entry into force of the Paris Agreement has created the legal basis for countries to increase their level of action and ambition to meet the 1.5°C warming limit over the next two years in the lead-up to 2018. The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has evaluated the starting point for this process and found there has been little progress on national climate policies in the eleven months since the Paris Agreement was adopted.

Government pledges and climate action commitments made under the now-ratified Paris Agreement will lead to a warming of 2.8°C, with a likely chance of holding warming below 3.1°C. The CAT has also assessed current government policies and found little change since Paris. Policies still lead to a warming of 3.6°C, now even further from the globally agreed warming limit of 1.5°C.

Assessments have been updated for 25 countries, amounting to 69 per cent of global emissions, and no government has gained an upgraded rating.

Source: Climate Action Tracker, 10 November 2016

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