Now that’s enough. Give me targets for electric vehicles and Euro 7 limits. Photo: ©Bashigo –

Mayors want drastic EU measures to cut car emissions

The mayors of nine EU capitals have asked the EU institutions to adopt tougher mandatory legislation to minimise air pollution from cars, including a new Euro 7 “technologically neutral” standard for vehicles, and that all vehicle sales be “zero emissions” in the coming two decades.

In a letter dated 25 October 2017, the mayors of Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen, Brussels, Helsinki, Vienna and Sofia wrote to the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, saying that they need “new tools” to cut air pollution and CO2 emissions from public transport fleets and private vehicles.

They argue that zero-emission cars, vans and buses are the future solution for cities to provide clean, energy-efficient and affordable transport for their citizens, and call among other things for the introduction of mandatory sales targets for electric vehicles and a Euro 7 emissions limit that would be technologically neutral.

Source:, 7 November 2017.


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