MEPs back proposal for greener leisure boats

The European Parliament’s internal market committee on 21 June endorsed a draft directive that would set slightly tougher emission limits for recreational boats and personal watercraft.

The proposed limits on nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons and particulate matter are in line with standards already in place in the United States. If approved, engines will be designed to emit 20 per cent less NOx and hydrocarbons, and 34 per cent less particulate matter.

Concerning the compliance deadline, the committee proposes that most engines should comply by the end of 2014, rather than three years after the law enters into force as proposed by the European Commission. The committee also wants the Commission to review the emission limits five years after they are adopted in member states, to assess if they need to be strengthened further.

Source: ENDS Europe Daily, 25 June 2012

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