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Most EU governments failed to file air pollution plans on time

National governments were supposed to detail how they plan to reduce emissions of harmful air pollution in “National Air Pollution Control Programmes” (NAPCP), which should have been sent to the European Commission by 1 April. However, one month later, still only 13 of the EU’s 28 member states had filed their plans.

Margherita Tolotto, Clean Air Policy Officer at the EEB said: “It is shocking that more than half of EU governments have failed to meet a deadline for something this important. Every day of delay in cutting air pollution means more people suffering the consequences for their health.”

The missing air pollution programmes are a requirement of the National Emission Ceilings (NEC) Directive, which sets reduction targets for harmful pollution per country. They should have detailed the measures governments will use to cut emissions from areas like transport, industry and agriculture. Only four governments met the original deadline.

Source: EEB press release, 30 April 2019. Link to reported NAPCPs: empty=&reportingdate_end%3Adate %3Aignore_empty=&country=&release_status=anystatus&sort_on



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