NGO campaign: Clean the Industry

Industrial emissions take a heavy toll on our health, environment and climate, yet current EU laws fail to keep them sufficiently under control. A new petition demands that the EU step up protection.

The “Clean the Industry” campaign was launched on 1 February 2021 by a coalition of legal, environmental and health experts, and urges the European Commission to strengthen the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), which determines emission ceilings for over 50,000 industrial facilities across the EU, and to put a lid on toxic and climate-wrecking emissions.

Linked to a public consultation on updating the IED, campaigners call on policymakers to make it fit for the climate fight and a non-toxic environment, and invite citizens to sign the petition and make their voices heard.

“The whole point of the IED is to protect us and our environment from the negative impacts of industrial activities. If the Commission is serious about their zero pollution, circular economy and carbon neutrality goals, they must redesign its scope, rethink how standards are set, and ensure greater transparency,” said Christian Schaible at EEB.


Source: EEB META, 4 February 2021. Link to the campaign:

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