NO2 in German cities

A new report by the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) shows that nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) concentrations exceeded the air quality limit of 40 micrograms of NO₂ per cubic metre of air (µg/m³) per year in 25 cities in 2019, compared to 57 cities in 2018.

On average, the annual mean NO₂ values in 2019 at measuring stations close to traffic were around 4 µg/m³ lower than in 2018. The reasons for the decline were: Local measures such as speed limits, driving bans or the use of less polluting buses; nationwide measures such as software updates; funding under the programme “Clean Air 2017–2020”; the renewal of the vehicle fleet with vehicles that in real operation have lower NOx emissions; and meteorological influences that affect the spread of air pollutants.

Source: AECC Newsletter, June 2020.

The BMU press release (in German):

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