Norway invests in Dutch CCS

The Norwegian government cancelled its national CCS project in Mongstad in 2013 because of spiralling cost estimates for setting up a full-scale CCS plant. Instead, it will invest 14 million euro in a CCS demonstration project in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

ROAD (Rotterdam Capture and Storage Demonstration Project) is the most advanced CCS project in the EU, says the Norwegian Minister for Oil and Energy, Tord Lien. The full financing of the ROAD project is not clear yet, and efforts are being made to secure this. Mr. Lien says that it is not one hundred per cent certain that the ROAD project will be chosen for part funding by the Norwegian government in the end. He also states that Norway’s support for the ROAD project is not a substitute for a full-scale Norwegian CCS project. Mr. Lien did not, however, say anything concrete about when and where such a national project would be launched. 

The coal-fired power plant that will be retrofitted with the CCS plant is owned by E.ON and GDF Suez. The owners have increased the cost estimates for the ROAD project several times. The Norwegian Bellona Foundation asks if this is a signal that the owners are not really interested in carrying through the project, hoping to be allowed to continue running the new power plant without CCS. 

Source: Bellona website, 26 June 2014

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