Funchal can probably thank its location, for receiving the bronze medal in the European Championships in low particle levels. Photo:© anitasstudio /

Only 11 European cities have clean air

In July, the European Environment Agency (EEA) published its updated European City Air Quality Viewer report, which covers over 340 cities. Cities are ranked from the cleanest to the most polluted based on average levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) obtained from monitoring data over the past two calendar years. For air quality to be considered as good it needs to be below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) health-based guideline for long-term exposure to PM2.5 of 5 micrograms per cubic metre of air (5 μg/m3 ). From 2020 to 2021, air quality was good in only 11 cities. The guideline was exceeded in 97% of the 343 European cities included inthe viewer. The European Union’s (EU) annual limit value for PM2.5 is way higher than the WHO guideline, at 25 µg/ m3 , and was only exceeded in the three most polluted cities, including Nowy Sacz, Poland, and Cremona and Padova in Italy. Interested in your city?

The Air Quality Viewer is available to download at source=EEASubscriptions


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