Parliament backs deal on leisure boats

The European Parliament has endorsed an agreement reached with EU member states in May on slightly stricter exhaust emission standards for leisure watercraft such as motorboats, sailing yachts and water scooters.

Originally proposed by the European Commission in 2011, and in line with standards in place in the US for several years, the new EU standards mean that new engines will be designed to emit 20 per cent less nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons and 34 per cent less particulate matter.

Manufacturers will be given three years to comply following the directive’s entry into force. Small companies selling spark ignition engines below 15kW will have three more years The precise date of entry into force will be determined once the new law has been published in the EU’s official journal. The directive needs to be formally endorsed by the Council of Ministers before becoming law.

Source: Ends Europe Daily, 9 October 2013

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