Pertrol stations increase cancer risk

Benzene exposure is a known risk factor for childhood leukaemia and acute myeloid leukaemia in adults. One exposure route for benzene is living near a petrol station. A new study has investigated cancer risks in children living near petrol stations in Switzerland. The researchers found evidence of an increased risk of childhood cancer (all diagnoses combined) among children living in the close vicinity of petrol stations.


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The forefront of cleaner, people-centred cities

Cities are dense and struggling with high levels of air pollution, sedentary behaviour and noise problems linked to car-centred urban planning. Traffic also takes up large areas in cities, resulting in lack of green spaces, and it is obvious that our oil dependency has fuelled climate change. Three cities with governments that are up for the challenge of re-thinking cities are Paris, Oslo and Barcelona, which are working to transform their cities from car-
centred to people-centred.

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