Phase-out of combustion-engine cars in Europe

A briefing paper by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) lists announcements by select European local and national governments as well as global car manufacturers to phase out passenger cars with internal combustion engines.

Almost half a dozen countries in Europe have set phase-out targets and dates for combustion-engine passenger cars. In addition to national commitments, almost 30 cities have made plans or have pledged to prohibit combustion-engine cars altogether in urban centres or entire metropolises, with the main aim of improving local air quality, partly focusing on full bans for diesel vehicles at an earlier stage than gasoline-powered cars.

Such announcements are important signals to the EU to put in place a comprehensive phase-out strategy at the EU level, e.g. via the revision of the EU car CO₂ standards. Additional measures, such as allowing member states to mandate national phase-outs and enforce penalties for non-compliance, could provide an additional push for car manufacturers to align their strategies, but the legal basis for such bans has yet to be reviewed at the EU level, according to the ICCT.

The ICCT briefing:

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