Porsche behind noise proposal

An engineer at Porsche stood as the author of a “compromise” amendment for stricter noise standards that the Czech rapporteur Miroslav Ouzký circulated to the EU Parliament Environment Committee. The discovery was made by Transport and Environment and revealed one week before the proposal was to be put forward for voting in the committee.

“This is not a compromise,” said T&E campaigner Greg Archer to ENDS. “The limit values proposed by Mr Ouzký for phase one could lead to noise levels from high-performance sports cars more than doubling.”

Miroslav Ouzký’s explanation for what happened is that he only used the Porsche document as a template. Because of the incident, committee chairman Matthias Groote decided together with all political groups to postpone the voting to 10 October.

Source: Transport and Environment press release 12 September 2012 and ENDS 13 September 2012

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