Public consultation on urban transport

In conjunction with the opening of this year’s European Mobility Week this Monday the European Commission launched a public consultation on sustainable urban transport and mobility that will be open until 17 December.
The EU Commission wants to know what citizens think about the possibility of setting up a framework and support structure for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Under consideration is also the possibility to make Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans a requirement for cities to have access to regional development and cohesion funds.

Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, said: “Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning is a way to balance transport development, environmental quality and social equity. Better planning can help cities benefit from greater mobility as well as better air quality, reduced emissions, less noise and a healthier urban environment.”

The consultation also raises the issue of harmonisation of urban access restriction schemes, which is a collective term for low emission zones, green zones and congestion charging zones. How to manage and reduce emissions from urban freight is yet another area where the European Commission wants citizens comments.

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