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EEA Signals 2009, key environmental issues facing Europe

Signals is published by the European Envir-onment Agency (EEA) at the start of each year and provides snapshot stories on issues of interest both to the environmental policy debate and the wider public for the upcom-ing year.

Published by EEA, January 2009. Available at


Maximising the environmental benefits of Europe’s bioenergy potential

Report assessing the environmental impacts of various ways of converting the technical bioenergy potential into electricity, heat and biofuels.

Published by European Environment Agency (EEA), November 2008. EEA Technical report No 10/2008, available at


Beyond transport policy - exploring and managing the external drivers of transport demand

Report presenting an analysis of three examples of relations between societal activities and transport demand - effects of food production and consumption on shopping journeys and freight traffic; increasing use of air travel for business and leisure; effects of education based travel on transport demand.

Published by European Environment Agency (EEA), December 2008. EEA Technical report No 12/2008, available at


Climate Change and Aviation: Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Edited by S Gössling and P Upham. Provides a comprehensive review of the topic, bringing together an international team of leading scientists. Starting with the science of the environmental issues, it moves on to cover drivers and trends of growth, socio-economics and politics, as well as mitigation options, the result being a broad yet detailed examination of the field.

Published by Earthscan Ltd, February 2009. 368 pp.  ISBN 9781844076208. Further information:


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