Reduced port fees for reduced pollution

An agreement between a group of European ports will see them reduce fees for ships that are less polluting from next year. Reductions will be based upon a ship's performance under a new voluntary assessment scheme, the Environmental Ship Index (ESI).

While details of the scheme have yet to be finalised, the International Association of Ports and Harbours expects that savings of up to five per cent will be offered for the best performing ships. The scheme will initially apply at four Dutch ports, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Moerdijk and Dordrecht, from 1 January 2011. Later next year it is expected to be expanded to more European ports, including Bremen, Hamburg and Antwerp.

Through the ESI individual ships will be graded for achieved reductions in sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pollution that go beyond legally required levels. Improvements in energy efficiency reduce carbon dioxide emissions and will also influence a ship's ESI score.

More information available here.

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