Restrict traffic in cities to tackle air pollution

Banning polluting vehicles could cut harmful PM and NOx pollution in cities of over a million residents by up to 23 and 36 per cent respectively, saving up to €130 million per year in health and other costs, according to a new study for the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). Researchers have studied 28 types of urban policies currently used in cities, from zero-emission public buses to sharing e-scooters, to see their effect on PM and NOx reductions from traffic.

EPHA Acting Secretary General Sascha Marschang said: “A dirty cloud has been hanging over cities for many decades, causing asthma, heart disease or lung cancer. As we fight Covid-19 through vaccines, we must fight this cloud of disease, too. Now is the time for city bosses to grab with both hands some of the generous Covid stimulus funding available to truly ‘build back better’ to really improve people’s health and their environment.”

Source: EPHA, 23 March 2021.

The report “Air pollution and transport policy at city level”:

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