Four years after the creatation of the Paris agreement, Russia is onboard. Photo: ©Shutterstock – Frederic Legrand - COMEO

Russia formally joins Paris climate agreement

The world’s fourth largest emitter, Russia, has formally adopted the Paris Agreement.

“The Russian Federation has accepted the Paris Agreement and is becoming a full-fledged participant of this international instrument,” Ruslan Edelgeriev, the president’s climate advisor, told the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. Observers of the country’s climate policy welcomed the decision.

“It’s a really important signal for Russian society, for regional governors, for business, for NGOs, that Russia is onboard with global efforts,” commented Alexey Kokorin, WWF Russia climate programme director. “That Russia recognises the importance of the climate problem, and that Russia does not oppose the anthropogenic impact of climate change, which is already really important.”

“The adoption of the Paris Agreement increases the chances of preventing a global climate catastrophe, but this chance must be utilised correctly and, most importantly, taken quickly – there is no time left for compromises and attempts to maintain the status quo of a fossil power,” said Greenpeace climate officer Vasily Yablokov. “Russia’s actions in this matter are of great importance: our country has enormous potential to reduce greenhouse emissions.”

Source: Climate Change News 29 September 2019,



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