Solar radiative management opposed

By: Reinhold Pape

During 2021, US initiatives are again planning to run experiments to manipulate the Earth’s atmosphere. One such experiment is scheduled to take place at an aerospace centre in Kiruna in northern Sweden in June 2021, but is strongly opposed by environmental NGOs1.

Climate Action Network (comprising 1500 NGOs/networks worldwide) has declared a clear position2 against solar radiation modifications (SRM), summarised as follows:

1. Robust adaptation and mitigation actions are the first-line solutions to climate change. SRM is not a substitute for either and should not be seen as climate action.

2. Recognise the inherent transboundary nature of SRM and significant and unknown risks (geopolitical, social, environmental, ethical) involved.

3. Strongly opposes deployment of SRM.

4. Strongly opposes real-world experiments.


Reinhold Pape





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