Support for Mediterranean Emission Control Area

Experts, politicians and environmentalists who participated in a workshop organised by the German Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) agreed that the timeline to implement a Mediterranean Emission Control Area (ECA) for ships is lacking in urgency and scope of content.

While other ECAs implemented back in 2015 will now also cover emissions of nitrogen oxides, the current plan for the Mediterranean only covers sulphur dioxide and will not be effective before 2024.

French member of the European Parliament Catherine Chabaud called for stricter regulation of emissions from ships, noting that there should be ECAs for both SO₂ and NOx, not only for the Mediterranean Sea, but for all European waters.

Studies presented at the workshop showed that combined SO₂ and NOx ECAs will bring huge benefits to health, environment and the economy, concluded Sönke Diesener, Transport Policy Officer at NABU and coordinator of the MedECA NGO network.

Source: Safety4sea, 3 December 2020.

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