Rooftop PV could deliver almost a quarter of EU electricity consumption. Photo: © Rene Notenbomer /

The untapped potential of rooftop solar power

A new report produced by CAN Europe and its member organisations focusing on rooftop solar PV on residential buildings (for both individual and collective self-consumption) shows that there are still significant barriers at national level which impede a higher uptake of rooftop solar PV, and many member states still lack the right regulatory framework and enabling environment. Rooftop solar PV installations have enormous potential and can be built out quickly, enabling households to shift from being mere consumers of energy to “self-generators” putting the control of electricity production back in their hands and making them active participants in the renewable energy transition. A European Joint Research Centre (JRC) analysis shows that rooftop PV in the EU could potentially produce 680 TWh of solar electricity annually (representing 24.4% of electricity consumption). Furthermore, investments in the solar sector generate the most jobs per million euros of capital investment and can be implemented in a short timeframe, in particular on rooftops. On top of enormous benefits for households from lower energy bills to clean and affordable energy, PV systems on rooftops do not compete with land use, and their integration into the electricity system is relatively easy due to their proximity to the point of consumption.

Source: CAN Europe press release, 16 May 2022,

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