Sarajevo is one of the cities on the Western Balkan with really bad air quality. Photo: / Thomas HackL CC BY-NC

World air quality status – city ranking

New air pollution data compiled in the IQAir AirVisual 2018 World Air Quality Report and interactive World’s most polluted cities ranking, prepared in collaboration with Greenpeace Southeast Asia, reveals the state of particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution in 2018. It highlights a widespread but unequal distribution of PM2.5 pollution and limited access to public information.

Frank Hammes, IQAir CEO, said: “The 2018 World Air Quality Report is based on the review, compilation and validation of data from tens of thousands of air quality monitoring stations around the world. Now everyone with a cellphone has free access to this data via the AirVisual platform. Communities and organizations from California to Kabul are supplementing governmental monitoring efforts with their own low-cost air quality monitoring networks, and are giving everyone access to more hyper-local information.”

Findings from the report include that out of the twenty most polluted cities in the world, 18 are in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Moreover, ten cities in the Western Balkans (Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo) and four in Turkey have PM2.5 levels more than three times the WHO guidelines. Eight cities in the Balkans are among the world’s most polluted 10 per cent, out of all the cities with data.

Source: Greenpeace press release, 5 March 2019. Link to media briefing:


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