Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Collaborative-Learning project Cover

Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Collaborative-Learning project

September 2023

The Baltic Sea Offshore Wind Collaborative-Learning (BALOWIL) is a pilot project aiming to find new ways of addressing offshore wind conflicts. It highlights the role of NGOs as dialogue facilitators, mediating negotiations and nurturing trust, thus promoting collaborative and constructive dialogues among stakeholders. The collaborative approach employed with workshops identifying concerns as well as tailored solutions. Notably, the study's questionnaire revealed positive results, with 90 % of the respondents endorsing the collaborative learning approach as beneficial. Furthermore, 90% of stakeholders found it easier to share their views when discussions were led by NGOs. Another important indicator was that of a diverse group all respondents agreed that projects similar to BALOWIL would enhance stakeholder inclusiveness. These findings underscore the potential role of projects like BALOWIL. The report also provides a list of recommendations to enable similar collaborative discussions. BALOWIL was funded by the Swedish Institute