APC 26

To manage or to protect?

The fate of the vast boreal forest belt of the northern hemisphere is crucial for global climate. This report looks into our possibilities to protect and manage these forests for climate mitigation.
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APC 25

Boreal Forest and Climate Change - regional perspectives.

The boreal forest is the largest continuous land ecosystem in the world, covering about 14 per cent of the earth´s vegetated surface.
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APC 24

Market-based instrument for NOx abatement in the Baltic Sea

Annual ship emissions of nitrogen oxides in the Baltic Sea could be cut by around 270,000 tons in 2015 by the application of an emissions charge, according to a new report. Published jointly by AirClim, T&E and EEB.  
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APC 23

Boreal Forest and Climate Change

A key finding of this study, based on a review of recent scientific literature, is that the boreal forests will not be able to respond to global warming by migrating northwards. Massive forest dieback is a more likely scenario. Published in cooperation with Taiga Rescue Network.
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APC 22

Carbon Capture and Storage in Norway

Strong economic and political motives, combined with a partly positive and partly silent NGO community, has contributed strongly to the present powerful commitment towards the use of CCS in Norway.
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APC 21

Last Gasp of the Coal Industry

This report takes a look behind the bright vision of carbon capture and storage (CCS) given by proponents of this technology. It is not intended to damn CCS but is an appeal for wise decision-making.
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APC 20

The Costs and Health Benefits of Reducing Emissions from Power Stations in Europe

Concludes that the average benefit-to-cost ratio for measures at the 100 most polluting plants in Europe is 3.4, i.e. the estimated health benefits are 3.4 times bigger than the estimated emission control costs.
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APC 19

Health Impacts of Emissions from Large Point Sources

This study combines the health impact assessment methodology used by EU's CAFE programme with an emissions database for large point sources, to assess health damage linked to emissions on a plant by plant basis.
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Supergrid paves the way for wind power expansion

A supergrid connecting Scandinavia and large parts of western Europe may pave the way for an even faster expansion of off-shore windpower.
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