Electric vehicle sales surge

Sales of electric vehicles in Europe have doubled every year since 2010, and provisional figures for 2013 indicate that almost 50,000 plug-in vehicles were sold, i.e. around 0.4 per cent of all car sales in the EU.

 “Electric vehicles can play an important role in the shift to more sustainable mobility, and their increasing sales are being driven by carmakers’ need to innovate to meet EU CO2 regulations,” said T&E’s clean vehicles programme manager, Greg Archer.

T&E’s Electric Vehicles in 2013 report also highlights how Europe constitutes a quarter of the global market for plug-in vehicles including hybrids. Sales in California remain the highest in the world, largely driven by a mandate requiring manufacturers to sell electric vehicles. T&E advocates a similar system for the EU instead of the existing “supercredits” that reduce the need for carmakers to improve the efficiency of their non-electric fleet.

Source: T&E News, 31 July 2014.

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